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Inaugural Cocktail Recipe - the Orkney Eclipse

Alright brethren, Here in Viking Headquarters we love making cocktails. In fact, we love them so much that about a year ago we decided to pick several of our favourite ones and stick them in bottles for you to enjoy any time you'd like, with all the hassle taken care of. Obviously, there are many more cocktails than we could ever bottle, and the range of flavours is basically infinite, which is what makes them so exciting! We have learned a lot about how to mix tasty tipples over the years and we regularly indulge in a bit of "product development" in our spare time. This can range from simple three-ingredient mixes to elaborate concoctions bursting with exotic syrups, liqueurs, and...

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Core range drinks are now available

After what seems like ages and ages, countless hours of trial and error product development, and a fair few associated hangovers, we have are finally able to launch our delicious core range. Indulge yourself in our tasty cocktails, including the luscious Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned, the floral Water Lily, the rich Espresso Martini, the refreshing Sapphire, the complex Cherry Bakewell Whisky Sour, and the well-balanced White Negroni. We are very excited to share our hard work with you all and we are looking forward to hearing what you think!

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