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Inaugural Cocktail Recipe - the Orkney Eclipse

Alright brethren,

Here in Viking Headquarters we love making cocktails. In fact, we love them so much that about a year ago we decided to pick several of our favourite ones and stick them in bottles for you to enjoy any time you'd like, with all the hassle taken care of.

Obviously, there are many more cocktails than we could ever bottle, and the range of flavours is basically infinite, which is what makes them so exciting!

We have learned a lot about how to mix tasty tipples over the years and we regularly indulge in a bit of "product development" in our spare time. This can range from simple three-ingredient mixes to elaborate concoctions bursting with exotic syrups, liqueurs, and other exciting tinctures we come up with.

Rather than just hogging all this hard-earned knowledge to ourselves, we have decided to share some of our experiences with our best friends: you!

Every week, we will share a new recipe of a delicious drink that you can make at home. We will focus on using readily available ingredients with minimal preparation so you don't need to spend your cash on exotic ingredients or slave for hours or days preparing infusions.

So... *drumroll* without further ado, we give to you, the first, the inaugural, the original, the un-take-backenly introductory Bearded Viking Cocktail Of The Week, the delicious and refreshing

Orkney Eclipse

The Orkney Eclipse is our homage to the eclipse that took place last week. Based on the Eclipse cocktail, we adjusted the recipe slightly to give a rounder and more balanced flavour, finishing it off with perhaps the most Viking of whiskies, a good pour of Highland Park 12.

To make the Orkney Eclipse you will need

  • 30 ml / 1 oz aged tequila (we used Olmeca Altos Reposado but you can use any aged tequila. Don't use cheap stuff, though, or it will taste awful.)
  • 30 ml / 1 oz cherry liqueur (we used De Kuyper Cherry Brandy but any cherry liqueur is good. If you don't have cherry liqueur you can use a sweet, red berry cordial or syrup from tinned cherries.)
  • 22.5 ml / 3/4 oz Aperol (yes, the one you bought when you were going to make lots of Aperol Spritzes. Campari also works but less so.)
  • 22.5 ml / 3/4 oz lemon juice (freshly pressed, don't use the bottled stuff or Ægir will be very sad.)
  • 7.5 ml / 1 teaspoon whisky (we used Highland Park 12 but any whisky with a bit of smoke will do the trick.)

Now it's time to get your best bartender game on and pour the first four ingredients into an appropriate container filled with a handful of ice. If you have a cocktail shaker, go for it, but otherwise a protein shaker or an empty jam jar with a lid will do just a well.

Shake the concoction vigorously for 15 seconds and pour the liquid into a fancy-looking glass filled with fresh ice. Strain the liquid through a cocktail strainer, a sieve, or by creating a little gap with the lid to avoid bits of ice falling into the glass (and you'll look like you know what you're doing).

To finish off, place a spoon with the tip facing down in the middle of your glass, then carefully pour a small dash of whisky on the back of the spoon and watch it form a delicious and fragrant layer on top of your masterpiece.

Now take a sip and feel what it's like to catch a ride on Odin's eight-legged horse all the way to Orkney.