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Goji Martini
Goji Martini
Goji Martini
Goji Martini
Goji Martini

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Goji Martini

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Goji berries seem to have an endless number of health benefits associated with them, including boosting the immune system, enhancing brain activity, protecting against heart disease and cancer, and increasing life expectancy. They're even credited with enabling Chinese herbalist Li Ching Yuen to live somewhere between 197 and 256 years which, to be fair, is quite a long time.

While we can't comment on the veracity of all of these claims, we do know one thing for sure: goji berries make absolutely amazing liqueur!

Working with the incredible Fairtrade pioneers at FAIR Drinks, we developed this delicious Goji Martini to showcase the rich sweetness of the berries on top of a balanced base of sweet vermouth and London dry gin. 

Expect sweet red berries, hints of orange peel, gentle sweet spices, and dry juniper-forward gin, all carefully mixed in a beautiful rose quartz liquid.

Made with

Loads of citrusy London dry gin, sweet French vermouth, and generous dashes of FAIR Goji Liqueur.

How to serve

Store in the fridge and stick it in the freezer for half an hour before serving, then pour into your fanciest stemmed glass. 

Make it fancy

Garnish with goji berries on a cocktail skewer. Also works wonderfully well with a big pour of quality tonic water.


100 ml, 27.6 % abv

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