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Italian 75

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Italian 75

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Some people say that French cuisine is evidence of the genius of humankind, but Italian cuisine is evidence of the genius of God. Whether you are religious or not, you will probably agree that the Italians know what they are doing when it comes to food. If there’s one thing they consistently get right, it’s taking simple flavours and turning them into something magical. The combination of strawberry and balsamic vinegar is exactly that.

In our Italian 75 sparkling cocktail, we've balanced the sticky sweetness of an incredible jammy and rich wild strawberry liqueur perfectly by the tartness of balsamic vinegar and citrusy gin. Add a bit of this to a glass of prosecco and you won’t be able to put it down. Bellissimo!

24.6 % vol.

Made with

Citrusy London dry gin, deliciously sweet wild strawberry liqueur, and a tart balsamic vinegar reduction

How to serve

Stick it in the freezer for half an hour, pour a third of the bottle into a champagne glass and top up with your favourite sparkling. Don't drink on its own, it needs the sparkling.

Make it fancy
You're drinking sparkling, it's already pretty fancy, but let a strawberry soak up the boozy syrup in the bottom of the champagne glass for a few minutes before adding the sparkling and you'll have a nice little post-drink treat!