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Peach Melbellini

Bearded Viking

Peach Melbellini

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Can you believe that there was a time when the glorious Peach Melba didn't exist? Legend has it Escoffier developed it in honour of Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, serving up the peach and raspberry creation in an ice sculpture of a swan. 

Not to be outdone by the OG roi des cuisiniers et cuisinier des rois, we’ve recreated his decadent dessert in our own image by pairing peach of the vines (a particularly succulent type of late-ripening peach that grows among grapevines) with tayberry (a cross between raspberry and blackberry) and white chocolate. Splash this operatic concoction over cold sparkling to take your Christmas morning buck’s fizz to new levels of opulence.

Made with

White chocolate liqueur, peche de vigne liqueur, and tayberry liqueur.

How to serve

Stick it in the freezer for half an hour, pour one third of the bottle into a champagne glass and top up with your favourite sparkling.

Make it fancy
You probably don't have any spare ice swans lying around, and while that is disappointing, to say the least, you can still make this one fancy. We'd let a slice of peach and a raspberry sit in the bottom of the champagne glass with the boozy syrup for a few minutes before adding sparkling, giving you a delicious post-drink treat.