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Burnt Buttered Rum

Bearded Viking

Burnt Buttered Rum

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Bon-vivants have been buttering warm rum for centuries, and early American settlers rightfully believed it to be nutritious and a strengthener for the body. Originally, aged rum was simply heated and mixed with spices and butter, leaving a buttery film on the surface of the mug, but in the 1940s, the divinely gifted Trader Vic changed the game by basing his tiki version of a sugary batter that incorporated beautifully in the warm rum.

Some 80 years later, we are taking this delicious treat one step further for your drinking pleasure. We start by washing an amazing, rich, and sweet double-aged dark rum with burnt butter overnight in the freezer, infusing all that creamy goodness into the rum. We then mix it with our home-made cinnamon apple cider syrup and add a dash of sweet sherry to round the whole thing off.

You can indulge in our delicious Burnt Buttered Rum cold over ice, or warm it up slowly before pouring it into a mug. Cinnamon sticks are advised for the full experience, but we've already stuck enough in there for the full winter warming experience.

22.0 % vol

Made with

Loads of rich double-aged dark rum washed with burnt butter, home-made cinnamon Suffolk apple cider syrup, and sweet sherry. The burnt butter may form sediment, so give a good shake before serving.

How to serve

Stick it in the freezer for half an hour and pour into a tumbler glass full of ice or warm gently and serve hot in a mug. 

Make it fancy

Serve with whipped cream or whipped coconut cream on top for peak indulgence. Might as well throw a cinnamon stick in there and grate nutmeg over the whole thing while you're at it!



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