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Father Christmas's Comfort

Bearded Viking

Father Christmas's Comfort

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There are so many open questions when it comes to Father Christmas. What are his qualifications for the job? Where does his budget come from? Does he get paid or is he a registered charity? Can you buy shares in his company? How does he manage to break a few fundamental laws of physics in the name of Christmas?

One thing we know for sure is that he works hard. Arguably, he probably presides over a significant production and administrative operation that takes care of most things, but running a business is hard, especially when the end goal is to deliver presents to every. damn. child. on the planet.

We imagine that after a long day of accurately tossing presents into chimneys at break-neck speed he needs a comforting pick-me-up, and Father Christmas's Comfort is our way of giving back to such an important character. Made with generous amounts of cognac and Spanish brandy as a base, we add a bit of Pedro Ximenez sherry for that fruit cake flavour, a bit of mandarin liqueur for that Christmas citrus vibe, a dash of amaretto for a bit of sneaky marzipan, and round it all off with walnut bitters.

Think of this like a rich Christmas cake Old Fashioned and you might understand why there's a big sleigh parked outside our storage unit.

100 ml, 25.5 % vol

Please note: This bottle will come with a tag rather than a label.

Made with

Cognac, Spanish brandy, Pedro Ximenez sherry, mandarin liqueur, amaretto, walnut bitters.

How to serve

This one is great both ice cold and at room temperature. Serve in a cognac glass or some other snifter.

Make it fancy

You don't really need much more for this beautiful drink, but squeezing a bit of mandarin or orange peel into the glass, rubbing it around the rim, and dunking it in the drink will add exciting notes of orangey citrus oils that go really well with this cocktail.


Almond, walnut.

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