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Raspberry Ganâche

Bearded Viking

Raspberry Ganâche

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Raspberries and dark chocolate is one of those combos that makes angels sing, especially when mixed up in a delicious, gooey ganâche.

Is it sinful? Yes. Does it make you thankful that you have tastebuds? Most definitely also yes.

Our Raspberry Ganâche channels your gran's best chocolate cake through loads of homemade dark chocolate syrup, framboise beer syrup, chocolate wine (it's a thing and it's amazing), and tasty creamy vodka. 

Straight to the point and unapologetically chocolatey our Raspberry Ganâche is pretty much impossible to put down once you've had a sip, so make sure you get enough!

Made with

Creamy vodka, chocolate wine, framboise beer syrup, and homemade dark chocolate syrup.

How to serve

You can drink Raspberry Ganâche both hot and cold.

If you have it cold, keep it in the fridge and shake over ice for 30 seconds before serving in a fancy glass and you should get a nice foamy head.

If you have it hot, gently warm it in a saucepan at low medium heat without letting it boil. Serve in a mug and wrap up in a blanket.

Make it fancy

Sprinkle some freeze-dried raspberries on top or over a bowl of fresh raspberries for a great cocktail dessert.


100 ml, 22.5 % abv