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Scottish Chai Latte

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Scottish Chai Latte

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Masala chai has been among the tastiest things on the planet for millennia, and the complexity and sweetness of this gorgeous tea is the perfect base for a delicious cocktail.

The rich and flavourful combination of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and a bit of pepper blends perfectly with a lovely Scottish cream ale, giving the Scottish Chai Latte a lush and creamy texture. Finished with coffee liqueur and a big pour of whisky, this is basically your favourite tea only better and exclusively for adults.

Made with

Scottish whisky, coffee liqueur, whisky cream liqueur, chai syrup. Contains dairy

How to serve

You can drink Scottish Chai Latte both hot and cold.

If you have it cold, keep it in the fridge and shake over ice for 30 seconds before serving in a fancy glass and you should get a nice foamy head.

If you have it hot, gently warm it in a saucepan at low medium heat without letting it boil. Serve in a mug and wrap up in a blanket.

Make it fancy

Dust with cocoa and cinnamon powder and garnish with crushed cardamom pods. Try drinking it using a cinnamon stick as a straw, it's quite fun!


100 ml, 21.8 % abv