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Summer Bouquet
Summer Bouquet

Bearded Viking

Summer Bouquet

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Ever gone to the florist for a quick browse or a bouquet for Mum and fallen in love with the biggest, boldest, and most incredibly constructed bouquet, only to realise that you'd have to pull off a heist headed by Michael Caine to be able to afford it? Trust us, we've been there. 

Fortunately, we've managed to pack the feeling of walking out with a monster of a bouquet into our lovely bottles. Starting with a base of lavender-infused gin, we've mixed up a banging bouquet of fresh lemon, delicate elderflower, sweet cherry, and IPA syrup for a hint of bitterness. We've rounded the whole thing off with a couple of drops of rose water and, well, let's just say that your mum would prefer one of these to pretty any bouquet you can get your hands on.

Made with

Big helping of lavender-infused gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, quality elderflower cordial, our secret cherry syrup, IPA beer syrup (yes), and a few drops of rose water.

How to serve

Stick it in the freezer for half an hour, shake over ice, and pour into your fanciest glass. 

Make it fancy

The Summer Bouquet is big and bold and can easily form the basis of other cocktails. Serve with your favourite dry sparkling and frozen fruits for a refreshing summery treat!


100 ml, 17.6 % abv