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Tropical Christmas Party

Bearded Viking

Tropical Christmas Party

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2020 has been a tricky year for most of us and let's be honest, we all just want to get away, sit on a beach somewhere warm, and wait for it all to blow over.

While we can't physically transport you to a tropical island paradise, we are definitely doing everything we can to take your senses as close to a Christmas in the tropics as possible with our 2020 Tropical Christmas Christmas Bonanza!

You don't even have to choose, you can get a 100 ml bottle of all six of our delectable Tropical Christmas cocktails right here, and we've even thrown in a £3 discount compared to buying them all individually.


Burnt Buttered Rum x 1

Father Christmas's Comfort x 1

Pining For Christmas x 1

Christmas in Queensland x 1

Crystal Piña Colada x 1

Morning After The Office Party x 1