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Ultimate Lemon Meringue

Bearded Viking

Ultimate Lemon Meringue

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Lemon meringue pies have been around for about 200 years, probably originating as a way to use leftover egg whites from making lemon custard with loads of yolks. Regardless of the reason why Mrs. Goodman decided to smother her lemon custard pie with fluffy meringue, these cakes are pretty darn amazing.

Taking plenty of inspiration from this industrious woman, we made our own limoncello with lemon peel from all the lemons we squeeze, and turned it into our Ultimate Lemon Meringue. Stuffed with sweet lemon, vanilla, and almond flavours, you really, really want to shake this one hard with a small egg for 30-45 seconds, then sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the frothy meringue forming on top of your Ultimate Lemon Meringue pie cocktail. Yummmm.

Made with

Homemade limoncello, vanilla liqueur, lemon juice, almond orgeat syrup.

How to serve

You're definitely going to want to shake this one hard with a small egg white for 30-45 seconds before adding ice and shaking again for another 20 seconds. Pour into a stemmed glass and enjoy the frothy meringue covering the cocktail.

Make it fancy

Use a kitchen blow torch to caramelise the meringue on top and garnish with a piece of candied lemon.


100 ml, 17.2 % abv